Invisible Anchoring System – Dry Stone Cladding

Thermaline’s Invisible Anchoring System is a cladding system that is designed to allow architects to realize their dreams, however innovative and radical they might be. The system’s flexibility, versatility, and ability to work with cladding materials of different types and thickness, enables building designers to push the boundaries of possibility.
By using Invisible Anchoring System, the aesthetics of the building facade face is not compromised by any visible fastening components.
In this system a hole that is widened at the base is drilled into the back of the cladding panel, allowing special anchors to be firmly held.
The bending moment within the panel is reduced up to 50% when compared to traditional systems since the positioning of the anchors can be optimized. This not only allows reduced panel thickness and larger panel sizes but also compensates varied panel thickness.
The system has a proven track record and is fully tested in all commonly used panel materials.

The advantages of Invisible Anchoring System are

  • Faster Installation thanks to hook and hang type system
  • Position of the anchor on the back of the panel can be selected without constraints.
  • The un-even thickness of the stone panels can be easily compensated.
  • Statically optimized position of the anchor, hence higher loads than traditional systems and that too without stressing the facade panels by lateral bracing.
  • Breakage loads are up to seven times higher than for edge attachment installations.
  • Greater earthquake resistance. Tested up to magnitude 9.1 on the open-ended Richter scale.
  • Damaged cladding panel can easily be replaced without removing or damaging adjacent panels.
  • Economic advantages by allowing thinner panels of expensive material to be used
  • Panels can be adjusted in any direction
  • No chemical bonding required. Hence, greater safety.
  • More than 50 different types of materials with thickness ranging from 8 – 40 mm can be used.
    • Natural Stone – Granite, Marble, Lime Stone, Sandstone, Jura Stone and Slate.
    • Ceramic and Porcelain tiles.
    • Man Made Cladding Panels – Glass, Fiber Cement, High-Pressure Laminate & Solid Surface Material.
  • Insulation can be installed between the outside of the building and the façade panel.
  • Non-flammable, mechanical and permanently safe attachment system.

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